3 Reasons Why You Should Focus on Your Brand

September 2, 2020
4 min read

Your brand. It's an easy thing to overlook, especially when you are in the thick of it with other operations. Most people will mistake their whole brand for a single application of it, like a website. Your brand is a very important thing to your audience, whether you know it or not. So, to help understand, we've broken out 3 reasons why you should focus more on it

Reason 1: It's a qualitative thing, not quantitative.

Many business owners try to make the conversation and operations of their company ROI positive, and respectfully so. However, the game we are playing is not one of numbers but one of quality. It's a qualitative endeavor that spans many touch points and audiences. Your brand isn't just your website. It's how you bring your audience to your website, it's what and how you say your pitch to your prospective clients, and it's what makes your brand have a personality.

You can't always track ROI on a customer's impression without being overly nosey. When you focus solely on monetary return, you've already missed the part of the goal of your branding.

Think of your brand as a person that just walked into the room. You likely will be able to learn about that person on how they dress, speak, and interact with you, right? These are all things that reflect that person in a very qualitative form. Could you put metrics on how he/she/they interact with you? Could you put metrics on the impression they left on you in order to start up another conversation? In reality you could, however, you'd get caught up in a numbers game, and lose sight of what that person was trying to do. Same goes to say that you can't always track ROI on a customer's impression without being overly nosey. When you focus solely on monetary return, you've already missed the part of the goal of your branding.

Reason 2: Long term investments go a long way

Understanding that your brand isn't a rat race for the best metrics is one part. This doesn't mean that it isn't associated with enhancing and growing your business. Typically most business owners will mask and attribute a rebranding to their success and growth of their freshly updated business. While this is true, it paints a misleading image for other businesses to follow. Alot of the times we'll see a company we follow (and enjoy) and their new ads and content are posted everywhere. That's the key aspect to keep in mind here: no one will know about your brand if you don't market it.

But, this article is about branding, not marketing!

And you would be correct. It's crucial that we can differentiate the efforts put forward when focusing on a brand. As mentioned earlier, many times we see companies touting and boasting their new brand via marketing campaigns. Now this isn't to say marketing is bad, but let's sit back and understand why marketing is in the picture.

When developing a new or revised brand, typically stakeholders and creatives alike will agree that a strategy focused around the new brand will be ideal for its success. Since a brand is omni-directional and omni-channel, this strategy takes a look at every available avenue to maximize it's performance. A key takeaway here is that the brand is the center of the decisions, and thus makes the conversations around what to do with it 'objective'.

Ok, so how is this an investment?

Remember how we said that a brand was a qualitative metric and not a quantitative one? Well investing early on into your brand will help pave the way for more 'objective' decisions when obstacles and hurdles arise in your operations. Instead of asking 'what kind of tone of voice should we use for our ads?', you'll be thinking 'does this work with our brand, or feel like something we'd say'? With a good brand, you should always ask the latter.

Investing in your brand is like investing into yourself. The better you can build a foundation to the things you do, the easier everyday tasks and operations become.

Reason 3: Put in good, get out good.

When you invest into yourself, you tend to see more positive outcomes and opportunities arise. Why is that? Is it because you have mysteriously become super lucky? Or is it because you've begun to align yourself with things and people that are inline with your ideas, thoughts, and actions?

When you build your whole persona around giving back and helping others, you will attract people who want to do the same. It's in our human nature to gravitate towards things we relate to and make us feel good about. The same goes for your brand. If you focus your content on helping businesses, and show that through offering free resources or going the extra mile on their project, you will quickly find the clients that you'll want to work with (and inversely the same).

Remember, this doesn't pertain to just one instance. It's your entire brand we're talking about here. Every conversation, email, website visit, pitch deck, and other conceivable part that interacts with your company is a part of your brand. People today are getting better at sniffing out the bull, so it's important that your brand is truly being itself.

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